Install a replacement cover

Every RimWand kit comes with two cleaning covers, one installed on the rimwand and a second as a spare.

When your rimwand cover becomes worn or dirty, please follow these simple instructions to install the spare cover.


NOTE: The rimwand cover is designed to be a very tight fit. Follow these instructions to replace the cover.


1. Remove and discard the old cover.
2. Begin by aligning the new cover so the curve in the cover aligns with the curve in the rimwand tool.
3. Slowly slide the beginning of the cover over the tip of the rimwand and around the bend in the tool.
4. Continue to work the cover down over the rimwand by alternating between moving the end toward the bottom of the rimwand, and pushing the new cover onto the rimwand.
5. As you near the end of sliding the new cover on, place the end of the new cover in it’s final position on the curved end of the tool.
6. Finally, continue pushing the new cover down the length of the rimwand until it exends to the end of the tool, covering it fully.

Your rimwand is now ready to use!

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